For those of you who might not be aware, freenode is an IRC network that caters to free and open source projects. We have had a goal for a number of years to hold freenode #live, an in-person conference where our staff, projects, FOSS supporters, and IRC enthusiasts could all get together in one place. Thanks to some very generous sponsorship, primarily by Private Internet Access, this conference is finally happening! The first ever freenode #live conference will take place October 28 - 29, 2017 in Bristol, United Kingdom.

This conference will only be a success with support from the community. Luckily, there are many ways to help out.

  1. Register to attend. We are working on putting together a great lineup of speakers that you will not want to miss. Registering allows us to finalize many logistical details surrounding the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  2. Do you represent a FOSS group? We would love to have your group present at the event. There will be an exhibitor hall where you can advertise your organization and attract new users and contributors.
  3. Submit a talk. Our call for proposals is still open. New and experienced speakers are welcome. Feel free to contact and we would be happy to work with you to come up with a talk idea or provide feedback.
  4. If you or your company are interested in helping to sponsor this event, please reach out to We have opportunities for budgets of all sizes.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you at freenode #live!